Movement & Sport Sciences - Science & Motricité - Forthcoming

  • Shirts and merchandising, vectors of a club's identity and its community. The case of the Girondins de Bordeaux.
    Vincent Mourgues
    Accepted: 29/06/2022
  • Pedaling cadence variability increases with worsened bike fitting across most but not all workloads.
    Alessandro Gentilin
    Accepted: 25/06/2022
  • ‘Run, Forrest, Run!’… When Cinema popularizes the Nike Cortez Shoes
    Hugo Gerville-Réache
    Accepted: 19/06/2022
  • Producing champions: Functions and uses of sporting consecration objects - the case of athletics
    Lucie Forté
    Accepted: 19/06/2022
  • Body composition and physical performance measures in elite female football players: differences across playing positions and associations with kicking velocity and curve sprint performance
    Santiago Zabaloy, Julián Giráldez, Rodrigo Villaseca-Vicuña, Pedro E. Alcaraz, Alberto Filter-Ruger, Tomás T. Freitas and Irineu Loturco
    Accepted: 09/06/2022
  • Quantifying internal workload during training drills in handball players: comparison between heart rate and perceived exertion based methods
    Accepted: 08/06/2022
  • «Blood doesn’t show on a maroon jersey », la commémoration desfootballeurs morts durant la Grande Guerre dans le club de football d’Heart of Midlothian
    Camille MORATA
    Accepted: 01/06/2022
  • Association between Parents’ and Children’ Implicit and Explicit Attitudes towards Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviors
    Géraldine Escriva-Boulley and Julie Boiché
    Accepted: 23/02/2022