Movement & Sport Sciences - Science & Motricité - Forthcoming

  • Reasons for commitment: obstacles and levers to the practice of soccer.Exploratory study of young high-level footballers
    Cassandre Rivrais, Virginie Nicaise and Cécile Ottogalli-Mazzacavallo
    Accepted: 17/10/2023
  • How coaches design small-sided games in rugby union: a practice-based review
    Koen Wintershoven, Martyn Beaven , Nicholas Gill and Daniel Travis McMaster
    Accepted: 28/09/2023
  • Human values and attitudes toward media sporting event: A psycho – sociological perspective
    Nicolas Souchon, Yan Dalla Pria, Nathalie Leroux and Brigitte Bardin
    Accepted: 09/09/2023
  • Muscle dysmorphia and problematic physical activity in a population of student athletes. The role of alexithymia and self-efficacy in eating and the body.
    Jérôme CUADRADO and Grégory MICHEL
    Accepted: 06/09/2023