Movement & Sport Sciences - Science & Motricité - Forthcoming

  • The socio-economic models of associations: the case of amateur sport clubs in Hauts-de-France
    Yann Carin, Julien Hamonier and Loïc Sallé
    Accepted: 15/07/2024
  • How do emotional tones, involvement in the situation, perception and technical adaptations interplay in elite athletes’ performance optimization? A case study in Formula Kite
    Eric Terrien, Marie Lou Genevey, Gilles Kermarrec and Jacques Saury
    Accepted: 26/06/2024
  • The emotional inducers perceived by high school students in Physical Education: What impact do five badminton game formats have?
    Jérôme Visioli, Julie Level and OLIVIER DIEU
    Accepted: 12/06/2024
  • Prospective, In-Activity and Retrospective Emotions in Physical Education: Development and Validation of Three State Achievement Emotions Questionnaires
    Cédric Roure, Antoine Rebouillat and Denis Pasco
    Accepted: 12/06/2024
  • Comparaison des paramètres cinétiques des sports de combat lors d'un saut en contre-mouvement : une étude observationnelle
    Amrinder Singh, Monika Sharma and Shweta Shenoy
    Accepted: 11/06/2024
  • Analyse croisée des motifs à l’adhésion et à la non-adhésion à un programme d’Activité Physique Adaptée
    Laure-Alia Zarrouk, ERIC FRUCHART and Myriam Guedj
    Accepted: 21/05/2024
  • Classifying, downgrading, reclassifying. The French "women's" tennis ranking categories facing the test of change ?
    Marine Fontaine and Oumaya Hidri Neys
    Accepted: 17/01/2024